Music Interview: Villains

Villains Band

Villains are a hard working bunch of lads, willing to do whatever it takes to earn their place at the top of the rock/metal ranks. I caught up with them during their London stint supporting the Blitz Kids, to see what they have in store for us this year…

It’s a big break supporting Blitz Kids, how do you think it went down?

It was absolutely amazing. The guys in Blitz Kids are some of the nicest people you’ll meet and have a real interest in, and drive to help, underground music. To get asked to play what was a massive show for them was really cool.

We were first on but it didn’t matter as the room was pretty much at capacity by that point. People seemed to enjoy it and it was really cool to see everyone singing along with some of the tracks we’d released, including our single that had only just come out that day! We haven’t bought out that much music yet (it’s on its way don’t worry), so to see people singing the songs was really humbling. We also got plenty of positive feedback from people at the show and got to meet lots of them after we played which was awesome.

Aw, it’s always good to hear a band take time to meet fans – Good on you guys! So playing with Blitz Kids gig was obviously awesome, but who’s been the best band you’ve gone on tour with and why?

That’s a tough one. We’ve never really had a bad tour. There might be the odd show that’s not that great, but overall we’ve been really lucky with everyone we’ve got to tour with. That might sound like a political answer but it really isn’t; we’ve just been that lucky! Our first tour we did as Villains was with Fozzy, who of course are fronted by none other than Chris Jericho. Our singer (Renz) is a massive WWE fan so we can safely say that was his favourite.

Your new single ‘The Fall’ is out to listen to now. The video is quite dark and gritty – Very fight club inspired. What was the thought process behind that?

We wanted a video that told a story and when meeting with the directors this was the idea that we all came up with. We all like Fight Club so there’s definitely a hint of that in there for sure and it’s obviously a play on the title of the song, as the guy in the video is paid to take a fall. The song addresses the point of taking punches and how you comeback from them. It sums us up quite well really. We’ve been screwed over enough times by people in the industry, we’ve been taken to court by ex-members (we won, don’t worry!), we’ve lost loads of money along the way and despite all of this, we still come out swinging. We’ve got a bit of a ‘never say die’ attitude and I think this song encapsulates that quite well.

Wow, that’s some deep stuff. Your debut album is out on February 24th, can we expect more dark concepts?

We don’t want to give too much away or try and sway people’s opinions too much regarding the sound. To roughly summing it up you could class it as ‘pop-rock with an edge’. We’re doing something different and implore people to listen to it.

We really have put everything we have into though. As a group, the album has been a long time coming so we’re very excited to get it out there. We worked really hard on it and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Mike Curtis, who produced it, has done an amazing job and has made us sound like the band that we all hear ourselves being in our heads.

Well I’ll be getting a copy! But what we all want to know is, can we check you guys out at any UK festivals this year?

As it stands, we don’t at the moment, but we’re hoping this might change over the coming months. We’ve been lucky over the years (in previous band incarnations) to have played some of the best festivals in the country. We’re happiest when we’re playing so if people book us for festivals we’d be ecstatic. What better way is there to spend your summer??

Indeed they speak the truth, there is no better way. So finally, what are your hopes for the rest of 2014 and beyond?

Firstly we’re hoping that people enjoy the album when it comes out next week. We’ve had some good press and some exciting radio and TV play so hopefully people get on board with it.

After that the next thing is playing shows throughout the rest of the year. We’ve got an album release show coming up in our hometown on 28th February and a couple of other sporadic shows in the next coming months. As mentioned earlier on, we’ve got our fingers crossed for a festival or two and then hopefully in the autumn we can get ourselves on a support tour or two and just play our music to as many people as possible.


Music Interview: Yannis from Foals

yannis foals

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has spoken out about progress on the band’s new material, revealing that they may have some surprises in store for fans.

Speaking to me on the red carpet at the Fly Awards 2014, where Foals won Artist Of The Year, Yannis said that the band were considering where to go with the follow-up to 2013’s Holy Fire.

“We’re just turning the heat up in the oven a little bit,” he said. “We haven’t put the dish in, but we’re like, pre-warming the oven.”

He continued: “We might have some surprises coming out for fans, but they’ll have to wait and see.”

When asked where the band were planning to take their sound from here, Yannis replied: “We don’t really think about it. I find it’s kind of counterproductive to do that, but I’m pretty sure it will be different in some way.

“I think that’s sort of the lifeblood of the band – for each track to vary a little and hold its own place on the album, but we’ll see.”

As well as being confirmed as headliners of this year’s Parklife Weekender at Manchester’s Heaton Park and Bestival on the Isle of Wight, they’re currently touring the UK.

Foals UK & Ireland 2014 Tour Dates are:
Fri February 07 2014 – MANCHESTER Manchester Apollo
Sat February 08 2014 – MANCHESTER Manchester Apollo
Sun February 09 2014 – GLASGOW O2 Academy Glasgow
Tue February 11 2014 – BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy Birmingham
Wed February 12 2014 – NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE O2 Academy Newcastle
Fri February 14 2014 – LONDON Alexandra Palace
Sat February 15 2014 – LONDON Alexandra Palace


What Will the Music Industry Look Like in 10 Years?

Last week I was lucky enough to talk to the chairman of HMV and the owner of Sister Ray (an independent music store owner in Soho), about their views of the music industry and where it’s heading.

Check out the video below:

Personally I think people will convert to using more streaming services like Spotify. I also think that vinyl will continue to be bought by ‘hardcore’ music fans.

But where do you see the music industry heading? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Music Interview: Idiom @Redfest


Idiom have been slowly trying to win over the UK with their alternative stance on Metal for years, but it looks like all their hard work is finally paying off. I caught up with the lovely bunch of lads after their performance at Redfest to discuss their new album, life on the road and their love of partying.

 You performed earlier on today, what do you think of Redfest so far?

Dan: We haven’t actually walked around yet. We played the Hype Stage and got escorted around the back, so we didn’t even get to see the main bit!

Matt: We literally got here, got out of the van and played!

How did your set go down?

Grant: Really good, especially for the time of day we were on; for 4:15 it was really nice to see people coming down and supporting us.

M: The only bad part was that we clashed with Arcane Roots, which was slightly annoying because we wanted to see them!

Are you staying for the whole weekend and who are you most looking forward to watching?

G: Yeah we are actually. We were looking forward to seeing Arcane Roots, but obviously that didn’t happen! We’ll definitely be watching Bastille and Feed The Rhino though.

D: You have to get really drunk here though because it’ll make it a bit more interesting walking around!

Chris: Yeah, you’ll get dizzy walking around the place as it’s so small!

What are you going to do tonight?

M: Get pissed right up!

C: Yeah, get smashed!

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard you before?

D: Just like, well good. It’s on our iTunes we created our own genre, “well good”!

C: No really, it’s a mixture of old 90’s Metal in the sense of influences from Korn and Limp Bizkit, but with all the modern twists of the last few years like our love for Dubstep.

M: Also with some screamy stuff which sounds a bit like The Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, mixed in with some rapping.

You played Download this year, how was that?

(The entire band beam from ear to ear with excitement and Matt shows us a picture of the crowd.)

M: We played the Red Bull stage for 30 minutes which went pretty quick, too quickly for our liking. Sometimes when you play a gig and no one’s there you just want it to end, but when it was Download it was like “awww we have to get off stage?”.

You’ve been playing for 8 years, how long has it taken for you to become successful?

G: We’re only just starting to get to that point to be honest and actually doing these festivals. The last 2 years before have been about finding ourselves and getting a thing that people are interested in and now this is us from now on. This is what we’re all about. I think it’s good we took so long to find our sound because we’re comfortable doing what we’re doing.

C: Yeah and if you listen back to our old stuff you can see why, it’s pretty crazy. It sounded a bit like Nu-Metal Spaz; it was so all over the place all the time, so it took a while to convert that stuff into songs.

Your upcoming album ‘Movement’ is out later in the year, what can we expect?

C: Our new album is going to be interesting because every song is completely different. You can be into Dubstep and like it and you can be into Metal and like it too.

M: We also have on that album Benji Webbe from Skindred and Sean Smith from The Blackout, they feature on the track Same Old Songs, which is about music just being the same old stuff. If someone likes hardcore they make a hardcore band and try and be the next hardcore band, whereas we just like making music that we like, so we made a song based on that.

When can fans next see you on tour?

C: We’ll be playing around September/October time with The Smoking Hearts, which is a co-headline tour. We’ll swap around on the tour and try and survive, cuss they party hard! Although we can’t complain, being on the road is the best!